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Dear Sir/Madam,
We greatly appreciate your visit to our website. Hope you enjoy our site as you get knowledge and information about our team and birds in Mongolia. Bird is one of the most interesting and beautiful creatures of our world. That’s why most people like and love birds, including our team, many scientists, readers, and you.
Since the time Mongolian Ornithological Society (MOS) was established in Mongolia as a NGO that is dedicated to birds and their habitats’ research and conservation, the organization has been extensively running various activities including research projects, conservation of birds’ habitats, education, publication and birding tours in Mongolia.
All these activities are integrated under our mission: Support science-oriented initiatives and actions for birds; save birdlife and their habitats for the future; solve the conflicts between humans and birdlife.
Our nearest aim is to establish the National Bird Database covering all species, photographs, information and data on field identification, taxonomy, number, status, distribution, breeding ecology, behavior, threats and conservation. We hope you will contribute your idea and share your experiences.
The Society has been closely collaborating with Ornithological Laboratory at the National University of Mongolia on educating undergraduate and postgraduate students in order to train well-educated ornithologists’ generations and bird conservationists in the country. Your collaborations, encouragements and supports through becoming a member, participating in professional birding trip, and donating books, field equipment, and others for these activities are most welcomed.
We wish you the strongest health, happiness, success and future collaborations.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Gombobaatar Sundev
Director of the Mongolian Ornithological Society