Dr. S.Gombobaatar (Gomboo), Prof. D.Sumiya, Prof. O.Shagdarsuren, Prof. A.Bold, Dr. Sh.Boldbaatar, Dr. N.Tseveenmyadag from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences work together to supervise bachelor, master, and Ph.D. thesis at the University. Since 1972, more than 50 students have written bachelor, master and Ph.D. thesis on bird research and conservation at the National University of Mongolia. Most of them are members of the Society.
Completed master thesis at the Laboratory with the involvement of the Society:
Diet studies of breeding and wintering Saker falcons in Central Mongolia (1998-2002) by Ch.Uuganbayar. Ulaanbaatar 2003. (Supervised by S.Gombobaatar, D.Sumiya)
Research and conservation on waterbirds and shorebirds in Mongol Daguur Strictly Protected Area, Mongolia (2002-2004) by B.Delgermaa. Ulaanbaatar. 2004. (Supervised by D.Sumiya, S.Gombobaatar,)
Home range, habitat use and conservation of Red deers in the Khustai National Park, Mongolia. (2004-2005) by D.Usukhjargal. Ulaanbaatar 2005. (Supervised by S.Gombobaatar, D.Sumiya)
Growth rate and identification of sex and age of Saker falcon (Falco cherrug milvipes) chicks in Mongolia. (2004-2007) by B.Munkhzaya. Ulaanbaatar 2007. (Supervised by S.Gombobaatar)
Breeding biology of the Upland Buzzard Buteo hemilasius in the steppe, Mongolia (2006-2008) by B.Odkhuu. Ulaanbaatar 2008. (Supervised by S.Gombobaatar, D.Sumiya)
Impacts of power lines on the bird mortality and retrofitting measures (2005-2010). By P.Amartuvshin. Ulaanbaatar Feb. 2010 (Supervised by S.Gombobaatar and Richard Harness (USA))
Breeding success and cooperative breeding behavior of Azure-winged Magpie (Cyanopica cyanus Pallas, 1776) in Mongolia (2008-2010). By B.Gantulga. Ulaanbaatar June 2010 (Supervised by S.Gombobaatar and M.Muehlenberg (Germany))
Members of the Society have participated in and helped complete total of 3 courses and a professional seminar, General Ornithology (for undergraduate students), Applied Ornithology (for M.Sc. students) and Bird Ecology and Behaviors (for M.Sc. students) on Ornithology at the Laboratory.
Approximately 500 bird specimens were collected and cataloged at the Ornithological Laboratory in collaboration with Society members in the last decade. Members of the Society and Laboratory have collected more than 200 passerine bird feathers since 1990. These materials are significant in training student for bird identification. The feather collection is also a fundamental material for bird species identification from prey remains and pellet analyzes of birds of prey such as Saker falcon, Upland Buzzard and Eagle Owls.