An Adventure Birding Experience in Mongolian Cold Winter

Siberian Jay and Tit, Rough-legged Buzzard, Pallas’s Rosefinch, and many more

This trip is dedicated to anyone who wants to go on an adventure birding trip during winter months in Mongolia. Along with winter visitors to Mongolia, many adult birds stay and guard their territories, challenging their abilities to survive in the wild. During the bright and sunny days of Mongolian winter, we will visit wildlife-rich habitats in Siberian boreal forest near Ulaanbaatar and travel further into the vast steppes. Our science based birding guides will help you find many challenging species including Siberian Jay and Tit, Alpine Accentor, Rough-legged Buzzard, Saker Falcon, Bohemian Waxwing, Meadow Bunting, and probably Snowy Owl and Gyrfalcon and many, many more. Common birds during this trip will be big flocks of steppe passerines such as Mongolian Lark, Small Snowfinch, Horned Lark, and Bohemian Waxwing, Meadow Bunting, Saker Falcon, Upland Buzzard, Golden Eagle, and Cinereous Vulture.

Your participation into our trip will support bird conservation activities in Mongolia.

  • Siberian Jay, Saker Falcon, Cinereous Vulture, Siberian Tit, and Mongolian Lark etc…
  • Visit Mongolian nomads who have settled in their wintering places
  • Mongolia wildlife watching and photography
  • Grey Wolf, Mongolian Gazelle, Siberian Ibex and Argali Sheep
  • Expect more than 50 species for the trip





Day 1. Ulaanbaatar City and Tuul River Woodlands
Day 2 – 3. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
Day 4. Gun Galuut Nature Reserve
Day 5-6. Chinggis Town and Kherlen River Valley
Day 7. Ulaanbaatar City
Day 8. Departure